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About PressyNails

At Pressy Nails, we’ve made a name for ourselves due to our uniquely inspired designs and tailored fit to each client’s nail shape. We wanted to help our customers get incredible chic styles of press-on nails that were convenient to apply and remove. And because Pressy Nails never chip, our customers can wear them up to a month, while easily changing the style whenever they need! 

Original Designs

Pressy Nails made it our mission to create original designs that work for a variety of aesthetics and sensibilities.

Unique Designs

We don’t just make affordable convenient press-on nails, we create unique hand-painted nail art on each one of our styles.


Customers can customize their nail order by choosing the shape, length & nail size that fit them perfectly.

Reach out today and see what Pressy Nails can create for you!

Many of us want to have our nails done but simply don’t want to spend upwards of $80 every week at the salon. Pressy Nails gives you manicure quality nails at a fraction of the cost.