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Nail it Every Time

Pressy Nails. A Perfect Manicure In Minutes!

Hand Painted Press-On Nails That Rival Any Professional Manufacture. We Nail It Every Time.

All Hand Painted To Perfection

Our press-on nails are hand-painted with artistry designs to suit a wide range of ages, styles, and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for something classically professional, a one-of-a-kind customized design, a summer fun bubbly color scheme, or a bold powerful design, Pressy Nails has got you covered.

Unique Easy and Convenient Application and Removal

In the past artists, doctors, nurses, students, and busy moms used to have to forgo rocking long beautiful nails, but now with Pressy Nails; they get to have gorgeous. When you buy press-on nails from us, you get the convenience of adhesive application and easy quick removable while still getting a lovely look.

Amazingly Affordable

Many of us want to have our nails done but simply don’t want to spend upwards of $80 every week at the salon. Pressy Nails gives you manicure quality nails at a fraction of the cost.

Customizable And Always Cool

Pressy Nails designs incredible styles, but we also offer the chance to personalize your order! Whether you have a wedding, graduation, birthday, or bachelorette, we can professionally customize your order to fit your finger, and the event you’re attending.

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Custom Made

Don’t find your perfect nail for your perfect event? Order custom nails with your instructions and customized to your size. Order now!